PORTFOLIO #9: Thesis statement


THESIS STATEMENT: The single, specific claim that your essay supports. It includes a topic, a precise opinion and reasoning.


THE SUBJECT: The topic of your essay.THE PRECISE OPINION: Your opinion on the subject/ topic of your essay.THE BLUEPRINT OF REASONS: How you plan to argue and prove your opinion. Typically three strong pieces of evidence.
The thesis statement tells your reader:

Where you are going in your essay.How you plan on getting there.HOW TO PREPARE YOUR THESIS STATEMENTS:
YOUR TOPIC: What your paper will deal with.YOUR CLAIM:What you think about the topic.REASONS THAT SUPPORT YOUR CLAIM: Three points that will persuade your readers to believe your claim.TURNING YOUR NOTES INTO A THESIS STATEMENT:
Thesis with point listed: Points at the end of the thesis statement.Points at the beginning of the thesis statement.Points listed in the sentence after the thesis statement.WRITING A KILLER THESIS STATEMENT: Answer your questio…

PORTFOLIO #8: Literary Essay: The Struggles of the Minority Groups

PORTFOLIO #7: From Paragraph to Essay

PORTFOLIO # 6 : Beyond the sentence

PORTFOLIO #6 : Well written paragraph (Part 2)


1. Topic sentence: There are two broad theories concerning what triggers a human's inevitable decline to death.

The first is the wear-and-tear hypothesis that suggests the body eventually succumbs to the environmental insults of life. The second is the notion that we have an internal clock which is genetically programmed to run down. Supporters of the wear-and-tear theory maintain that the very practice of breathing causes us to age because inhaled oxygen produces toxic by-products. Advocates of the internal clock theory believe that individual cells are told to stop dividing and thus eventually to die by, for example, hormones produced by the brain or by their own genes. (from Debra Blank, "The Eternal Quest" [edited]).


This paragraph is a straightforward description of two possibilities, neither of which is preferred over the other. In this case, it would be wrong to mention only one of the possibilities (the "internal time clock&quo…

PORTFOLIO #6 : Well written paragraph (Part 1)

1- Parts of a Paragraph TOPIC SENTENCE:Interesting topic.Give your opinion about the topic.Don't make it overly detailed.       2. BODY:
The "heart" of your paragraph.All the supporting details and supporting arguments for your topic sentence.Two ways you can order the details:ORDEN OF IMPORTANCE: The part of your argument that is the strongest.CHRONOLOGY: The ordering of events.      3. THE CLOSING SENTENCE: To remind your audience what you're writing about ( restating your topic sentence)To keep your audience thinking.Parts of a Paragraph - English Academic Writing Introduction, from English Lessons with Alex (engVid AlexESLvid) site:  https://www.engvid.com/introduction-to-english-academic-writing-parts-of-a-paragraph/